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If your looking for additional child tax credits, consider day camp expenditures. Your child must be under 14, only day camps - no overnight stays allowed (sorry Boy and Girl Scout camps), and keep receipts and the EIN of the camp.

The IRS announced 1 billion in tax money received and no matching tax returns for 2013.  I have filed as many as 9 years worth of back tax returns for 1 client at one time.  April 17, 2017 is the last day to file a return for 2013 and still get your refund.  If you don't file by that date, you lose all claims to the refund.   I have all the software back to 2003, and forms from the various agencies prior to 2002.  By the way, the client I filed the 9 years for, is the first one I get every year now!  

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January 23, 2017 is the first day the IRS will accept electronic E-Files.  Ready set GO!

New for tax year 2016:  refunds will be delayed until February 15th, 2017 for those claiming Earned Income Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit. Way to much fraud involved in these programs!

Tax provisions made permanent: 
State and local sales tax deduction rather than itemized state taxes
Higher education tuition deduction - American Opportunity Credit - Note: you must reduce the tuition on the 1099 by the amount of scholarships received.
Educator deduction for up to $250
QTP Section 529 contributions for higher education
Contributions to a charity from your IRA and amounts excluded from income
Mortgage insurance deductions only for 2016, expires January 1, 2017 
Earned Income Credit expanded to 45% for three or more qualified children
Big increase in the adoption credit for up to $13,460.

Tax provisions extended(once again):
Energy efficiency credit for solar electric property, qualified solar water heating property qualified fuel cell property, qualified small wind energy property and qualified geothermal heat pump property.  Note: not all energy star rated improvements qualify.

$2,500 interest deduction above the adjusted gross income line.
AGI phase out of Married filing joint at $165,000 and singles at $80,000.  Must be from a qualified loaning institution - not a relative or a qualified employer program.

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